Initiate master plan

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Design Process

I am currently busy building this years next big thing. Get in contact today to secure your place on my waitlist. There is more to creating beautiful designs that pretty pictures and beautiful typography.

Market Research 1/4

Creating a detailed plan is a vital step towards any successful project, and a good plan includes looking at the past, present and future. Competitor analysis, detailed user studies and reviewing current digital practices gives significant insight into the strengths and pitfalls of current solutions. From here, unique and exciting designs that engage and empower users can be created, with definitive goals set to measure the increase in user participation.

Make It Flow 2/4

Users love positive experiences, so let's give them what they want! By creating a range of personas and user flows, it's possiuble to predict user's wants and needs. Ensuring that a user's journey is logical, smooth and beneficial is an important step towards creating a positive emotional connection between your users and your brand. Give your visitors a reason to love being in your company's digital space.

Mock It Up 3/4

We are visual creatures, which is why much of the design process surrounds pleasing the eye. To facilitate this, mock-ups are created which allow the production of rapid design iterations and detailed analysis of diverging concepts. This process starts with low-fidelity wireframes that focus on element placement and the user's experience and grows in complexity until they become fully-fledged, high-fidelity mock-ups, displaying the design in full colour.

It's Showtime 4/4

Today, users expect access to services on a myriad of devices, and fractions of seconds can make or break online interactions. Bringing designs to life is a dance involving multiple technologies and a range of programming languages. I develop in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (inc. jQuery), HTML5 and CSS3 for the latest browsers and mobile devices. I am a supporter of open source code, and take user's security seriously.

Whenever an idea strikes:

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